Turf Moving: All turf areas will be mowed every 7-10 days as to achieve an acceptable height. We assume no exact number of cuts and will mow the property as many times as necessary to achieve the desired look for the property.

Blowing: Blowing/removal of grass clippings that end up on driveways, walkways, patios, roadways or plant beds that are adjacent to the above listed mowing areas will occur at each mowing visit.

Weed Eating/Edging: Weed eating around any obstacles in the turf, along existing fence lines, along roadways, any slope that is too steep for mowing equipment to work on and any area that is too narrow for the mowing equipment to work. All turf areas, sidewalks, curbs and beds will be edged by the use of a weed eater at each mowing visit.

Shrub Trimming: All plant material/shrubs located on the property will be trimmed to keep their appropriate look and to keep the plants in a healthy manner. Shrubs will be trimmed, where possible, to avoid abstructing walkways. All tree and shrubs cut 1 foot away from the building.

Weed Control: All plant beds, tree rings, curbs and sidewalks will have any weeds removed per each visit by the lanscape spray technician. These areas will use a combination of hand weeding and herbicide control based on need and the growth of new weeds.

Tree Maintenance: Any trees located on the property will be trimmed to keep their appropriate look and to keep the plant in a healthy manner. Any tree limbs that interfere with the mowing of the property, are too low for motorized traffic, interfere with foot traffic or need to be removed for the aesthetics of the property will be trimmed using the appropriate practice. Any large or fallen trees will be priced on an as-needed basic.

Leaf Control: Leaf control will be done as needed in the Autumn and Winter months to keep the property looking its best. A combination of mulching the leaves in the turf areas and hauling off the leaves from other areas will be done as the are dictates. Mulching of the leaves is an acceptable practice in our area and helps add nutrients back into the soil.

The More The greenery, The More The Beauty.

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