We offer our services within a 30-mile radius around our current location. The days we are available to attend to your needs are from Monday to Saturday, starting from 8:00 AM till 5:30 PM. If you are in need, we make sure to fulfill anything you need with quality and satisfaction.

Yard Cleaning

When getting your lawn care, you should always have a complete and tidy service. Get the beauty and clean up all in one. Whether cleaning up leaves, branches, and clutter, composting debris, mowing the grass, re-edging, or cleaning your garden, we do it all with ease and precision.

Tree Trimming

Trust the hands of experts at Fall River Landscape. With the proper training and care, we enhance the appearance of your tree's natural shape, help with growth, and remove dead leaves.

Flower Beds

The liveliness, beauty, and energy your garden will have with our flower bed installation will be life-changing. Flower beds will help with fewer weeds, no soil compaction from human feet pressure, more growth space, better water retention and drainage, and more!

Yard Maintenance

Primary yard maintenance is a necessity. We must take care of ourselves continuously, and this same principle is applied to nature around us. We fertilize and mow your lawn to prevent any weed growth. Green is excellent, and so is your property. Allow us to bring growth and vitality.

Gutter Cleaning

With our gutter cleaning and maintenance service at Fall River Landscape, you can protect and prevent damage to your property. Gutter cleaning helps avoid build-up ice, interior damage, pests nesting, foundation cracks, debris, and much more.

The More The greenery, The More The Beauty.

Creating More Green Scenes For You.